Black Knight, the ultimate in GPS asset tracking

Whilst car manufacturers do their best to develop and install reliable car security, thieves have also embraced new technology. Stolen cars and break-ins are a testament to standard locking systems failing against professional criminals.

In the event that your car is stolen, you need to ensure that you can track it effectively for the quickest recovery possible by protecting your investment with Black Knight GPS Tracking.

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Global leaders in covert tracking tech

As the global leaders in covert tracking technology, Black Knight is a state-of-the art tracking system that is easy to install and small enough to hide. The X3, for cars and trucks, is the simplest, most powerful tracker yet. With no wires or buttons, the passive X3 device is inserted into your vehicle’s OBD-II port for instant ‘plug and play’ tracking.

Permagard’s philosophy has always been to source the best materials and enhance the safety and quality of your vehicle. In turn, we advocate using Black Knight GPS tracking system for the ultimate peace of mind. If the unthinkable happens, Black Knight offers full police support for rapid response recovery and a $500 Theft Warranty.

The Results

Features & benefits of Black Knight GPS tracking

Real-time precision tracking

  • High-accuracy 15-second updates via GPS/3GSM (coverage varies depending on location)
  • View its location in real time on your mobile phone
  • 12 months travel history playback
  • No network data usage limits

Intelligent alerts

  • Immediate alerts for geofence, a power disconnect and speed limit breach
  • Alerts sent to phone and email
  • Professional data management tools

Multiple devices

  • Free Black Knight app (iOS/Android)
  • Track via phone, tablet or web
  • Custom business fleet options

This is why we are confident that Black Knight GPS tracking ensures your vehicle is protected by the most tested and effective technology on the market today. Nothing is easier. Nothing protects as well.

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