Permagard ensures your vehicle is protected by the market’s most tested and proven coating technology. Treated surfaces are guaranteed a lifetime of protection against unforgiving elements.

Exterior protection

Permagard’s scientific formula ensures your vehicle is protected at a molecular level against atmospheric conditions, sediments and grimes. Australian vehicles are exposed to a full spectrum of harsh conditions the outdoors has to offer. Permagard ensures your car’s exterior is equipped to repel the outdoors, using an easy to clean and high quality solution.

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Interior protection

Permagard’s industrial strength protection ensures the highest quality and appearance of your interior is maintained. Surfaces such as leather and vinyl are instantly rejuvenated and protected against shrinking, cracking and discolouration. Our region’s UV rays are the strongest in the world, so it makes sense to protect your vehicle using Permagard.

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Protection Brands Antimicrobial Shield

Used by major airlines to protect their fleet and its passengers, Protection Brands Antimicrobial Shield is now available for your car. From the air conditioning breeding mould and mildew, to odours and grime penetrating surfaces – it becomes difficult to maintain cleanliness. Using invisible barrier-like technology, our Antimicrobial Shield creates a shield against 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

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Permagard is a market leader in premium exterior protection technology. Protecting over one hundred billion dollars’ worth of aircraft, automobiles and yachts globally.

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About Permagard

Permagard, a global leader in exterior & interior protection, was founded in France in 1997 and now has operations in 23 countries to service the major Aviation, Automotive and Marine markets around the world. Entrenched in our commitment to polymer science, our philosophy has always been to source the best materials, manufacturing techniques and technical teams.

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The results

A Permagard treated vehicle can be spotted from a mile away. Amongst traffic or in a parking lot, the intense sheen of a Permagard treated car is highly noticeable compared to all other vehicles. Permagard’s aviation-grade finish ensures that the exterior of a car remains pollutant free, whilst highlighting the body through its high-gloss finish.

The Results

Tested at 40,000 feet. Permagard Reactive Polymer protection technology is used by major airlines all over the world to protect their fleet. Now it is available to protect your car.

Aviation Story

Aviation story

Permagard has been certified and used by leading aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, as well as protecting the Virgin Australia and Qantas fleets. The titans of the industry recognise Permagard’s sophisticated and scientifically-backed technology and trust our product to perform at a high standard. If it’s good enough for major airlines, we know it is good enough for your car.

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