Aviation focus & passion for exterior protection

Permagard is a global leader in aircraft exterior and interior protection, servicing every major Australian airline for all major airports since 2003. Operating in the Australian aviation market, Permagard offers an exceptional range of professional premium services that traditional maintenance, repair and overhaul agents struggle to do well or efficiently. Certified by Boeing and Airbus, Permagard is an innovator in aircraft presentation, asset protection, cleanliness and hygiene.

Entrenched in our commitment to polymer science, the Permagard philosophy has always been to source the best materials, manufacturing techniques and technical teams. We are committed to delivering an effective aerospace-quality coating with enough strength and durability for the automotive, aviation and marine markets.

Already entrusted with protecting more than $100-billion worth of aircraft, cars and yachts in more than 23 countries, our high-performance, environmentally safe Reactive Polymer Technology has been engineered to enhance and maintain the new-car appearance for the lifetime of all kinds of paint surfaces.

Permagard’s ‘glass-like’ barrier acts as an everyday shield for aircrafts exposed to the unforgiving elements of aerospace. Whilst aircraft paint can be extremely vulnerable to fading and oxidisation, our five-micron thick coating provides a protective layer that has two primary benefits; one to create an exceptional UV defence and the second to streamline the paint’s porous surface to prevent parasitic drag.

The Results

Proof Permagard can extend an existing paint job

Permagard is the closest you’ll come to ensuring a permanent protection for vehicles from outdoor elements, whilst extending the longevity of your paint job. Our enormously rigorous servicing and application criteria ensures that we are certified and used on aircraft, where other paint protections are not..

We recently saw outstanding results when Permagard worked with Virgin Australia to rejuvenate and protect the paint on several aircraft in their fleet.

Prior to application, our specialists used gloss metres to assess that some of the Virgin aircraft had existing paint gloss levels of 0.0, meaning there was no visible reflection at all. After applying Permagard’s Reactive Polymer Technology, the gloss levels on the treated aeroplanes were rejuvenated up to 87% which levels on par with a new paint job. We estimate that by reducing the need for aircraft resprays we managed to help save the airline $4.7 million dollars over eight years*.

Suitable for all kinds of paint, Permagard’s exterior protection product is perfect for aviation enthusiasts who want to maintain their antique aircraft.Permagard is a proud partner of the Australian Defence Force to protect three of their static display aircrafts in the Heritage Centre Fleet at the RAAF Base in Wagga.

Our excellent reputation and relationship lies beyond, with private aircraft owners too. Permagard is the number one product for business jets in the country, as we can guarantee planes look good for longer with less maintenance.

The Results

We only entrust professionals with our service

At Permagard, we believe a large part of the success of our protection program begins and ends with the skill of our professionally trained applicators. Whilst other average paint protection methods might be directly available to the public, we see your aircraft, yachts and cars for the precious assets that they are; complex machinery that deserve only the best and most premium treatment experience. For these reasons, Permagard is not a direct to market product and only authorised specialists trained by our experts are trusted with the application. Our strict focus on quality control means there is no risk of cracking or peeling down the road and the superior results can be admired for years to come.

The Results

Major airlines recognise Permagard’s sophisticated and scientifically-backed technology and trust our product to perform as specified. If it’s good enough for them, we know it will be good enough for your car.

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