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About Permagard vehicle care

Vehicle owners around Australia can rest assured that their investment is protected by the most enduring technology in the automotive market. Permagard realised the immense impact their advanced products created on the aviation market, therefore we saw fit to introduce these to esteemed car owners.

We understand that Australia’s climate is much more testing on the ground than it is in the air. Therefore, our continuous improvement plan and scientific testing has enabled us to deliver the most effective products for cars across the nation. Permagard works to fight threats such as road pollutants, microbes and bacteria that come in contact with your vehicle.

When investing in Permagard, car owners must be aware that the effectiveness of its Exterior, Interior, Refresh and Antimicrobial treatments. These treatments work at advanced levels to help maintain a clean, fresh and shiny vehicle. Yet these will only work if you work with them.

Permagard understands that every driver cannot take proper care of their vehicle at all times. Therefore, there are appropriate measures they can take to ensure their vehicle is maintained at an optimum level. Through our vast range of Vehicle Care Products, car owners are able to maintain the longevity of cleanliness and quality in between applications. Using our recommended washes and detailing products, your vehicle can be maintained the Permagard way.

Looking for car care products?

You can now shop your favourite Permagard car care products online via the Protection Brands website.

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Frequently asked questions

We offer our very own Permagard car wash shampoo which is what we strongly recommend. They are available online via the Protection Brands website.

You can also use any other pH neutral car wash if you like. We also recommend using a new soft sponge and a chamois to avoid scratching while washing the vehicle.

Permagard can be professionally applied by a qualified technician at an authorised dealer. It is not available for retail purchase. Let us know what area you are in and we can direct you to your closest authorised Permagard dealer.

Permagard offers a lifetime warranty on our exterior and interior protection products for the life of the vehicle. Our warranty is also transferable upon inspection when you sell your car privately to the new owner.

We cover all environmental damage such as damage caused by bird and bat droppings, fade and oxidisation due to UV and the buildup of industrial pollution. We also cover you for staining caused by cosmetics, ink and food and drink spillages.

For full warranty T’s and C’s speak with an authorised dealer and they will be happy to assist. On the rare occasion you encounter one of these items, one of our mobile technicians will attend at a time and location convenient to you and inspect the issue. Most often, we can rectify this on the spot and re-treat the affected area. This is of course all free of charge.

Please contact us at with your postcode and we will be in touch shortly with a list of your closest dealerships that offer Permagard.

As long as the coating is maintained correctly and cleaned with a good quality pH balanced shampoo, you should not have to do anything to maintain the coating. We offer a range of car care products online via the Protection Brands website.

Be wary of shampoos that contain wax in them, any wax on paint is a potential problem. Mainly because when wax softens in the heat, airborne contamination can stick to the softening wax.

When the wax cools at night the specks of dust etc. become trapped in the wax surface and when you hand wash or wipe the paint these fine particles can scratch the paint or coating

Permagard is a professionally applied product which can only be purchased through our participating dealership network. You will need to contact your local dealer who will provide you with a quotation.

Permagard’s unique reactive polymer coatings are the only option available on the market that have been tested and proven beyond doubt.

The Permagard product is trusted by commercial aviation giants across the globe to deliver a tangible benefit, both protecting the appearance of passenger jets and extending the paint life.

We are also the only product on the market that has been independently tested by Mercedes Benz Australia Pacific and Porsche Cars Australia as the only product that performed to specification on their vehicles. No other product on the market has this level of real world testing or approval.

Our reactive polymer technology is extremely resistant to everyday pollutants such as environmental, UV damage and industrial pollution. Once applied it forms a far thicker barrier than any competing product, providing the ultimate in protective coatings.

Last but not least we back our product. Our warranty process is easy and customer friendly, our technicians are the best in the business and will go above and beyond to keep our valuable customers happy.

If when you purchased the Permagard treatments your car was under five years of age, no it does not. For terms on vehicles over this age speak to your authorised dealer for terms relating specifically to your car.

Get in touch with us via the web site straight away if you see water marks on the paint. You will find under the contact us section a warranty option. We will get in touch within 3 business days to book an inspection. Include as much information about the complaint and your vehicle as possible. Your warranty number is helpful too if you have it handy.

Swirl marks may need to be removed professionally and are usually a result of poor washing practices or the use of polishing products by someone who may not be trained to use them. In this case we can provide advice on repairing them and offer, for a fee a per panel re-treatment of your Permagard.


Scratches need to be removed professionally. In this case we can provide advice on repairing them and offer, for a fee per panel re-treatment of your Permagard.

No, they do not. Permagard interior protection products are the latest in water based fluoro-copolymer technology, they also cure completely almost immediately after the application. As a result, they do not leech any kind of residual chemicals or fumes onto your skin or into the cabin.

Consumers throughout the world are assured that Permagard’s products and services will always meet their requirements. Our lifetime warranty is a cut above the rest as we are currently the only supplier that provides environmental damage warranty.

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