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A Permagard treated vehicle can be spotted from a mile away. Amongst traffic or in a parking lot, the intense sheen of a Permagard treated car is highly noticeable. Permagard’s aviation-grade finish ensures the exterior of a car remains pollutant free, whilst highlighting the body through its high-gloss finish. Whether you’re in rain, hail or shine, a Permagard treated car will maintain its showroom-quality appearance.

The effectiveness of our aerospace-quality coating is a result of Permagard’s philosophy to source the best materials, manufacturing techniques and technical teams. The quality of vehicles in automotive, marine and aviation markets are a testament to Permagard’s unwavering strength and durability in rejuvenation and protection. Alongside this, we can assure that the results from the initial application to the next will exceed all expectations. Permagard consumers notice the immense difference between a treated vehicle and an untreated vehicle, both inside and out.

For busy families, working individuals or travellers, Permagard’s interior protection is the ideal way to maintain a clean and safe vehicle cabin. Our Interior, Antimicrobial and Refresh treatments create the sought-after ‘brand new car’ aesthetic. Vinyl, fabrics, plastic and leather are instantly given a cosmetic facelift as our patented barrier-like technology prevents stains, cracks and fading damaging the surface. The scent and appearance of your vehicle is instantly improved and is guaranteed to work until the next application.

It is recommended to apply Permagard on the purchase of a new car, yet results are not hindered on a used car. Vintage models especially benefit from Permagard. Avid car lovers believe that the new-car look is long lost with an older model, yet Permagard’s advanced formula works to bring an old gem back to life. Tired exteriors and interiors are restored to a vivid, glossy and impeccably clean state, which is impossible to achieve using any other product.

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