The only choice for Mercedes-Benz Australia

Permagard is proudly recommended by Mercedes-Benz Australia and is the first exterior protection product to be endorsed by a manufacturer in Australia. Like Mercedes, Permagard understands the value of your vehicle and the level of maintenance required to preserve it at a showroom standard.

Our region is exposed to an array of atmospheric conditions, paired with some of the world’s strongest UV rays. Permagard not only places a protective layer over a coat of paint, but allows protection at a molecular level both inside and out. When left unattended, pollutants penetrate paint compound and fabric surfaces, making it more difficult to remove and repair. Permagard’s unwavering industrial strength protectants prevent acid and pollutant damage, allowing you to clean away stains and buildup simply using a damp cloth.

Permagard’s aviation level technology was created for you, by us. Our proven technology is specifically designed to repel dirt and bacteria at a microscopic level. Originally designed for airplanes, it makes sense to provide your vehicle with the same level of protection against harsher conditions on the ground.

The level of Permagard’s protection ensures your car is immune to Australia’s testing conditions and remains at its highest quality. From a salty sea breeze to constant use, Permagard works around the clock to ensure your car is kept in it’s best possible condition.

Exterior & interior protection

The lustre and cleanliness of a new car is hard to achieve once you drive away from the showroom. Permagard makes this possible using it’s aviation grade exterior and interior protection. Our patented coatings are the most advanced and tested paint coatings in the world, providing a cost effective and value enhancing fix to any vehicle – brand new or used.

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Protection Brands Antimicrobial Shield

Used by major airlines to protect their fleet and its passengers, Protection Brands Antimicrobial Shield is now available for your car. From the air conditioning breeding mould and mildew, to odours and grime penetrating surfaces – it becomes difficult to maintain cleanliness. Using invisible barrier-like technology, our Antimicrobial Shield creates a shield against 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

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Any car lover knows the difficulty of enjoying their car without depreciating the resale value. Offering an all-encompassing exterior and interior service, Permagard Refresh ensures your used car can be restored to its former glory. Using Permagard’s patented Reactive Polymer Coating and a unique non-toxic Protection Brands Antimicrobial Shield to kill germs and bacteria, your vehicle will maintain a high quality for an extended period of time.

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Window Film

Permagard’s philosophy has always been to source the best materials, manufacturing techniques and technical teams. In turn, we have developed two pioneering window films tailored to improve customer’s experience. Utilising the latest in UV and heat rejection technology, Permagard Automotive Films provide a superior solution that significantly reduces exposure to solar energy and UV radiation.

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