There are few moments more exciting than buying a new car. I mean, your first-born child is probably up there, but for the rest of us, a shiny new vehicle will be the apple of your eye when you first roll it out the door.

So what happens at the point of purchase when the retailer is throwing in all the extras and then starts to upsell you? How do you filter through the add-ons and select what is worth your time and money?

Undoubtedly, we have all heard about paint protection and enough people have given that wide-eyed shake of the head to make anyone believe that protecting paint is an unnecessary waste of money. And to be fair, this premise is not entirely unfounded.

For years, the market was saturated with overpriced and underperforming tonics that amounted to little more than snake oil. Products like this had little to no scientific research and offered such limited protection that it isn’t any wonder you would think yourself hard done by if you had bought into the gimick.

Well, finally, we can leave those days behind. Permagard has extensive real world evidence and quantifiable data that supports the products. The polymer based paint protection offers a barrier that, unlike wax or polish, which can eventually deteriorate the paintwork, will bond to the paint particles and prevent damage caused by environmental factors.

Not only does the data express efficacy in terms of prolonging the durability of the paint on your car, it also indicates better performance. Permagard has developed its technology for over 14 years, working in the Australian commercial aviation industry.

Although your car may not be facing extreme temperatures up to 50 degrees above or below zero, facing high speed winds while travelling faster than 800kph, or suffering from drag at altitudes of 30 thousand feet, it is still facing extreme conditions that are inherent to Australian climate.

Permagard is insulative, protective and has a lifetime warranty. This means that for a discerning buyer, Permagard will offer tangible benefits, boosting re-sale value and reducing the amount of time you need to spend washing.

Will your car look better for longer with Permagard by insulating paint and prolonging brightness? Definitely. Will your paint protection last longer than your car? Maybe. Will your car be as precious to you as your first born? Let’s not answer that in case we get in trouble, but you get the picture.

Don’t trust just any paint protection, though. If you have a genuine financial interest in how you will protect your new car, then a coating of snake oil will not cut it. You need the real deal and the realest deal is Permagard.